The First Hit Is Always The Hardest

Football is a great metaphor for life.  Almost every situation can be related to football in one way or another.  In this case the fact is that I have had this blog for a while without writing anything because of fear much like the fear of getting hit when I started playing football.  I was so scared of getting hit for the first time but once I had been hit the fear went away.  It turns out that I was not scared of getting hit, I was scared of the unknown.

When it comes to this blog I am again scared of the unknown.  I love to read and have always wanted to write but I have so many interests and I am not an expert on anything.  When it comes to picking a topic to learn about I tend to walk the thin line between broad curiosity and extreme lack of focus.  There is really nothing that I do not find fascinating on some level which makes A title and direction for this blog nearly impossible.

All that to say that I am taking the first hit by putting out a totally pointless blog that i doubt anyone will read.  I am reading Carl Lentz’s new book “Own The Moment” and I just finished the chapter on fear.  So far it is a great book and that chapter has helped me decide to take the first hit.  There is no plan or purpose yet but I needed to overcome my fear.

That’s the first ever post! I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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